Improving Your World

Believe it or not Jolly John is not always jolly. I’m not a happy person most of the time. I think when I was younger and had less responsibility I was much more happy. As I grew older,  added more responsibilities to my life, and lived through more challenges it seemed as if what joy I had turned to Mr. Grump. Then several other life events sideswiped my joy and happiness even more. However, after reading several books dealing with depression, positive psychology, happiness and mindfulness, I’ve learned some amazing and insightful facts that are helping me to turn my life around. The facts of scientific research shows that many things influences our moods and state of mind either positively or negatively. Our moods tend to be influenced by news, events, and things happening around us.  Our brains perceive and react to these outside stimuli way before and even outside of our conscious awareness. A persons brain deciphers and sends out the chemical messages it thinks appropriate for The given information. Since it must react quickly to negative (death causing stimulus) it tends to focus more on negative imput over the positive. Which makes perfect sense since the brain needs the body in order to stay alive. What this means for our moods is that there are things getting in the way of our happiness that we most likely are not even conscious of. One researcher showed that watching the TV news for just six minutes can lead to being more negative six hours later. This effect is very pervasive since we hear and see many such negative messages everyday.

So, if one wishes to overcome this negative drift they need to realize the it is a part of the culture we live in but it doesn’t have to prevent us from being our more happy and positive selves. An easy way to build resilience against the negative is to consciously look for the positive, even in the midst of challenges. Remember,