Find More Joy, Hope and Meaning

Many people wish to make positive changes in their lives. There are habits which we would like to change, but change is often very difficult. And change is even more difficult when we are stressed and overwhelmed with the choices in our life. The science of recent brain study shows us that when we are stressed our body is flooded with hormones which have been triggered by the brain to get us ready for some perceived danger. And when our body is preparing to meet the danger it shunts the valuable resources of oxygen and nutrients to the heart and the muscles, effectively cutting off the prefrontal cortex which is where our creative thinking takes place. So you see, if we are stressed it is more difficult to think creatively. However, in our modern world of negativity stress seems to be chronic. In order to neutralize these stress hormones our brain needs to signal these chemical producing glands to stop producing the stress hormones. Using the skills of positivity to create a different mindset helps us to teach our brain that we are really okay.  When we do things like laughing or smiling, we show our body that everything is all right which causes it to produce chemicals such as oxytocin, one of the feel-good hormones, that leads our bodies to de-stress. In this de-stressed condition we are more readily able to access the prefrontal cortex or the creative thinking part of our brain to more effectively solve the challenges which make us stressed in the first place.

As we add more practices of positivity to our life we will begin to see more joy, hope and meaning which will in turn allow loss to be in a more positive place. This is how positivity broadens and builds in a family, a community, and even in our society. I hope you will join us in making our community a more joyful place by signing up put to learn more and join us as we establish a real Laughter Club in Bay City, Michigan to help the positivity broaden and build among us.

Blessing, Peace, Joy, Hope and Laughter,

“Jolly” John