Everyday we use words to communicate. We use words to express emotions like joy, happiness, love, contentment as well as anger, dislike, frustration and boredom.  Just as these words have different spellings and different sounds they also have different meanings. However, there is another aspect of words which we often forget, and when we do, it can make a huge difference in the response we get. Words also have connotations and denotations. They can be highly emotionally charged as well as being very benign or innocuous. The real challenge in communication is resonance, that is, using the right word, with the right inflection that the hearer will understand as it is meant. If the hearer hears some tone or emotion in the words which was NOT meant, then they will not really understand the message of the speaker or writer. Decoding words, understanding language and deciphering messages is a life-long endeavor.  Think about the way we express ourselves. Could we do a better job sometimes?

Blessings, Peace, Joy, Hope & Laughter,

“Jolly” John