While I Walk

Today, as on many days, I walk along the Saginaw River as I listened to a book on tape. I finished the newest book byby Glennon Doyle Melton titled  “Love Warrior”. I cannot begin to tell you how powerful a message she shared . She gives us an understanding of what love is. It is a very profound  reality as she opens up about the “rules of the world” she  believed and the way those beliefs or should I say “lies” she used to guide her choices and the choices of those she trusted. These “lies” lead to some very grave problems and separations that have destroyed many people and families. This was the very first thing I have read by the author. As she shared things about her life and journey, I knew such things really do happen in this world but she shared her behaviors. What they did and eventually the meaning these insights opened on her journey of healing. The honesty and tragedy of some of the events broke my heart and I found myself, as a male, waiting to see if the broken bits of her life would ever find a positive resolution. If I hadn’t had things to do when I first began to read, I most likely would have read this book straight through.

Along the River

Along the River

As I finished listening, today,  a ship taking cargo downriver passed by. It happened about the same time the author recognized or shared that she saw herself as a ship bringing gifts to “her people” as she called them throughout her book. The gifts she gave them and us included love, courage, vulnerability, true beauty and wisdom. As I list these few gifts, I know in my heart this list of blessings she bring or gives is very incomplete. I wish I could share all the unique ways this book’s message touched me, I struggle to remember it all at this time, but please know this if more people had the courage to make such a journey our communities would be much better off. Check it out.

Blessings, Peace, Joy, Hope and Laughter,

Enjoying the Wisdom, Courage & Vulnerability of Others, Jolly John