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JOY on the Face of a Dog

Just six pages so far and I am hooked. My sister gave me a book yesterday titled, “JOY,INC; How We Built a Workplace People Love” by Richard Sheridan.” I’ve read the “Preface to the Paperback Edition”, the Introduction and the first six pages and I am excited and can’t wait to learn what this author has to teach.  If everything I’ve been learning about positivity and and hope for our lives and world is true than this books looks to take those principles into the workplace. Dogs are an animal that seems to relish their life of JOY!  The one thing I believe to be true is that it all starts with me, the one person I have any control over.  One of the challenges I have is the recognition that joy, laughter, hope and all things positive are missing in our lives but we have been deluded into believe they are impossible to achieve and if we do they are really not that important to the grand scheme of life. I disagree! I believe these are the very realities that will make the difference for humanity’s well being.

In a later post, I hope to share with you the lessons and skills I’ve learned as I read this book. As information and knowledge increase in our world it is harder and harder for each of us to assimilate it all so that we can put it into use, so I hope my little thoughts and discussion can bring this good information out into a wider audience so that more people can benefit from it. If you learn one new thing that bring a benefit to your life then my purpose for this blog will be served.

Blessings, Peace, Joy, Hope and Laughter,

Enjoying the Learning, Jolly John

A Work In Progress

For the major part of my life, I have ministered to people in various walks of life.  As a parish pastor, I stood with the sick, the bereaved, the desperate, the confused, the lonely, the aged, the lost and the dying. I rejoiced over new life as families welcomed new members. I cried as I considered the confusion of our world and the multitude of voices leading bright and creative people down roads that lead away from hope, affirmation and harmony with one another. Following the death of my own son, and the ensuing darkness of my loss and grief, I was given the opportunity to process the stress and the uncertainty of life with a bunch (I really wanted to say multitude, but I’m not sure I even now that many people.)of very special, who had the courage to allow me to lead them through their grief.  During this journey I was exposed to the benefits of positivity and the science based, hard facts, that people have the option and opportunity to get up and out of the mire of negativity. I have come to realize that our culture is what I call, “marinated in negativity.” This  unseen negative cloud that hangs over us creates stress and thwarts creativity making problem solving much more difficult, even impossible. So now I am embarking on the new passion of bringing the Joy, Hope, Laughter and Creativity of POSITIVITY to Bay City of Michigan and beyond. The more people who are willing to join with me on this journey the more joy’s benefit will “broaden and build” as Dr. Barbara Frederickson says in her book Love 2.0.  While I’d love to share all I’ve learned right now, I can’t. But I will tell you I haved  trained as a leader in the International Laughter Yoga organization, and will be showing people what sustained and unconditional laughter can do for them and the precious people in their lives, their families, and others who live in and around Bay City, Michigan. I could use your help to reach the goal of making Bay City, Michigan known as the Joy and Laughter Capital of Michigan. if you hear of Laughter “Yoga”, don’t let the “yoga” in Laughter Yoga to scare you because of past impressions. The “yoga” is about healthy breathing, and moving, and child-like playfulness. We do not do positions. In India they have groups which meet daily in the park to have a sessions before they go to work. The benefits of laughing and joy for stressed people are amazing. Thanks for reading this far. Look for more resources as I build this web site.

Blessings, Peace, Joy & Laughter,

Jolly John Wernecke